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Discover the Depths: Molchanovs Discover Freediving Experience

Freediving, often termed as the purest form of underwater exploration, is a mesmerising journey that encapsulates the unity between humans and the ocean. Among the numerous freediving courses available, the Molchanovs Discover Freediving Experience stands out for its well-structured, beginner-friendly approach that invites enthusiasts to delve into the underwater realm safely and confidently.

What is the Molchanovs Discover Freediving Experience?

The Molchanovs Discover Freediving Experience is a meticulously designed introductory course that offers aspiring freedivers a glimpse into the captivating world of breath-hold diving. Founded by world-renowned freediver Alexey Molchanov, the Molchanovs movement aims to foster a global community of freedivers committed to excellence, education, and safety.

This Discover Freediving experience serves as a perfect launchpad for those who are intrigued by the sport but are not yet committed to a full certification course. It provides participants with foundational knowledge, practical skills, and a taste of the freedom that freediving embodies.

Course Requirements

Here's what you need to know before embarking on this underwater adventure:


  • Age: Participants must be at least 18 years old (or 16 with parental consent) to enroll in the Discover Freediving Experience.
  • Swimming Proficiency: Comfort in the water and basic swimming skills are necessary, although no advanced techniques are required.
  • Health: A reasonable level of physical fitness and good health are essential. Participants generally should not have any severe respiratory, cardiovascular, or ear conditions. A medical questionnaire is usually provided to ensure suitability for the course.


  • Freediving gear: Basic equipment such as a mask, snorkel, weight belt, wetsuit, and fins are typically required. Some freediving centers provide this equipment, while others may recommend participants to bring their own for a better fit.

Who is Allowed to Teach?

Instructional quality and safety are paramount in the Molchanovs framework. Thus, the Molchanovs Discover Freediving Experience is taught exclusively by certified Molchanovs instructors. Here are the criteria and qualifications they must meet:

  • Certification and Training
  1. Molchanovs Instructor Certification: Instructors must possess a valid Molchanovs Instructor certification, demonstrating their comprehensive understanding of the theory, techniques, and safety protocols of freediving.
  2. Experience: They often have considerable experience and proficiency in freediving, as well as a proven track record of safely guiding beginners through their underwater journey.
  3. CPR and First Aid: Active CPR and First Aid certifications are mandatory, ensuring that instructors can respond effectively in case of emergencies.

  • Continuous Education
  1. Ongoing Training: Molchanovs emphasizes continuous education, requiring instructors to stay updated with the latest developments, techniques, and training methodologies in the freediving community.
  2. Community Engagement: Instructors are not just teachers but also integral members of the global Molchanovs community, sharing insights and contributing to the collective growth of the sport.

What to Expect from the Experience?

The Molchanovs Discover Freediving Experience typically includes the following components:

  • Theory Sessions

Participants are introduced to basic freediving concepts, including breathing techniques, equalisation, and the physiological effects of apnea (breath-holding). Understanding these principles is critical for both performance and safety.

  • Pool or Confined Water Training

Practical sessions in a pool or confined water setting allow participants to practice breath-holding techniques, finning, and safe diving practices under the guidance of their instructor. This environment offers a controlled and safe introduction to freediving skills.

  • Open Water Session

For those progressing rapidly and prefer the sea, an open water session is another venue for the course, providing a real-world freediving experience. This is where participants can apply their skills in a natural setting and truly appreciate the serenity and beauty of the underwater world.


The Molchanovs Discover Freediving Experience is more than just a course; it is an invitation to explore a new dimension of human potential and connection with the ocean. Guided by expert instructors and backed by a community dedicated to safety and excellence, this experience lays a robust foundation for anyone looking to pursue freediving further.

Whether you're seeking a new adventure, a personal challenge, or simply a way to connect more deeply with nature, the Molchanovs Discover Freediving Experience offers a gateway to an underwater world of wonder and tranquility. Dive in and discover the depths within and without.

Instructor Rogemar

Coach Rogemar is a determined and passionate freediving instructor who embarked on his own remarkable journey in January 2018. Despite being a non-swimmer, Rogemar fearlessly dived headfirst into the world of freediving, driven by his desire to conquer his fears and unlock new depths within himself.