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Advanced Freediving Programs

Mastering the intricacies of deep diving, including proper equalization at greater depths, adapting to increased pressure, and maintaining composure in potentially more challenging conditions

Prerequisite: Completed our Discover Freediving and Line Training classes.

Participants gain a solid understanding of freediving principles, safety protocols, and foundational skills, paving the way for a safe and informed entry into the world of freediving.

Prerequisite: Molchanovs Wave 1 Certified or Cross-over from other agency with same level.

Participants develop advanced freediving skills, gain proficiency in more challenging scenarios, and are equipped to explore greater depths with confidence and competence.

Prerequisite: Molchanovs Wave 1 Certified or Cross-over from other agency with same level.

Freediving Bootcamp

Do you want to take your skills to the next level at a budget friendly training program? This is for you!

Prerequisites: Completed our Discover Freediving class; and plan to take a Freediving Certification course with us.

Skills to Learn in Our Training Programs

Advanced Equalization, Relaxation, and Open Water Techniques

Refining fundamental elements of freediving and Mastering the intricacies of deep diving.

Safety and Buddying at a greater depths.

To mitigate potential risks and ensure the well-being of all participants during diving activities. By prioritizing safety and buddying, freedivers can enhance their overall experience, cultivate a strong safety culture, and minimize the likelihood of accidents or emergencies.

Static and Dynamic Freediving Discipline, including No Fins Techniques.

Instrumental in training freedivers to enhance their breath-hold capacity, relaxation techniques, and underwater movement efficiency

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We take pride in offering a diverse array of freediving programs tailored to accommodate individuals of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned practitioners. Whether you're taking your first plunge into the depths or seeking to expand your expertise, our programs are designed to meet your unique needs, fostering a safe, educational, and enriching experience for all.

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At our academy and bootcamp, you'll benefit from the expertise of a Molchanovs Certified Freediving Instructor who oversees our programs. With their thorough understanding of the Molchanovs methodology and commitment to excellence, you can be confident that you're receiving top-tier instruction and guidance

Calm and Progressive Approach

5+ Years of Coaching Experience

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Discover a world of premium freediving essentials at our dive shop, Whether you're seeking comfortable and durable attire, essential safety equipment, or unique collectibles to commemorate your underwater adventures, our shop has everything you need to enhance your freediving experience.

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