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Pool Training for Freedivers

Pool training plays a crucial role in improving freediving skills, developing confidence, and increasing safety awareness. It provides a controlled environment for divers to hone their abilities and build a strong foundation before advancing into open-water dives.

Pool Training Objectives for Freedivers:

  • Increasing breath-holding capabilities: Pool training allows freedivers to practice breath-holding techniques in a controlled environment. By gradually increasing the duration of breath-holds, divers can improve their lung capacity and tolerance to carbon dioxide buildup.
  • Enhancing relaxation techniques: The pool provides a calm and controlled setting for freedivers to work on relaxation techniques. By practicing meditation, visualization, and body positioning, divers can learn to conserve energy and decrease unnecessary movement, leading to more efficient dives.
  • Improving equalization techniques: Equalization is the process of balancing pressure in the ears and sinuses during a dive. Pool training allows freedivers to practice different equalization techniques, such as the Valsalva maneuver or Frenzel maneuver, in a controlled environment. This helps divers develop a smooth and effective equalization routine.
  • Developing swimming technique: Pool training allows freedivers to focus on refining their swimming technique, such as streamlining body position, improving fin kicks, and mastering underwater propulsion. This not only enhances performance but also conserves energy and improves overall efficiency in the water.
  • Enhancing safety skills: Pool training is an opportunity for freedivers to practice essential safety skills, such as rescue techniques and emergency procedures. By simulating different scenarios, divers can learn to react calmly and effectively in case of an emergency, ensuring the safety of themselves and their dive buddies.

We also offer an option to upgrade this class with Molchanovs Discover Freediving Experience certification card as an add-on, subject for an additional but discounted fee as a loyalty reward for enrolling in our classes.

Prerequisite: Completed our Discover Freediving class.


Non-Certification Class

Exams: None

Locations: POOL

Pasig City;

Mabini, Batangas

Schedule: EVERYDAY



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Coach Rogemar is a Molchanovs Certified Freediving Instructor (Wave 2i) who transformed from a non-swimmer to a passionate advocate for underwater exploration. In January 2018, he embarked on the journey of learning freediving to conquer his fear and uncover a new life skill, ultimately opening up a world of adventure.

Having successfully embraced freediving, his mission shifted to sharing his passion and skills with others, enabling them to appreciate the underwater wonders and instilling a sense of responsibility for its preservation. With a track record of coaching over 500 students, many of whom were non-swimmers, since 2019, Rogemar has tailored a program specifically designed for individuals with little to no swimming experience.

Coach Rogemar

Molchanovs Freediving Instructor

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